Do you feel like you never have enough time, are often exhausted, and just feel overwhelmed?

In this episode, I dive into some time and energy management strategies, so you can optimize both your time and energy and start to release those feelings of overwhelm and chronic stress. Learning and practicing these simple strategies can make a big difference both mentally and physically.

You probably know that when you feel less stressed and overwhelmed and more organized and in control of your days and weeks, your mental health will reap huge benefits. Having a toolbox of time management tips can help immensely in cutting down on stress.

The Impact of Stress on Your Digestive and Physical Health

Did you also know that when you’re less stressed, your digestive and physical health will also improve? Stress is one of the major offenders to your gut health.

  • It wreaks havoc on the good gut bacteria, allowing room for the bad guys to move in and take over.
  • Stress also takes a major toll on the gut lining. When this lining becomes too permeable, substances can leak into your bloodstream and cause all kinds of problems.
  • Stress keeps you in a heightened state and doesn’t allow your body to rest and digest. When this happens, you literally can’t digest your food properly.
  • Another way stress impacts your physical health, is by staying in that state of fight or flight. The major nerve connecting the gut and the brain will become dysfunctional when we don’t go into a relaxed state and over time we lose the ability to go between a heightened state and a state of calm. This overstimulation impairs the communication between the gut and the brain and negatively impacts both our body and mind.

So, now that you know why it’s so important to manage stress for your digestive and overall health, listen to this episode for some valuable time management tips and ways to optimize your energy.

Dive Deeper

If you want more support taking control of your food sensitivities or managing your time and energy, this is exactly what I do! I help women take control of their food sensitivities and find relief from uncomfortable digestive symptoms. Managing stress is an essential component to this process, including time and energy management.

Send me a message to set up a free mini-coaching session.  During this time we can figure out a custom plan for you as an individual to take control of your food sensitivities and find relief.

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