My mission is to help you heal your digestion so you can reclaim your energy and enjoy what you love most in life. I can help you overcome the roadblocks on your path to healing and create lasting change so your uncomfortable symptoms don’t hold you back any longer.

I Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

I know you want to feel better, achieve vibrant health, regain your energy, and enjoy your life more. I get it because I’ve been there myself. The good news is there are steps you can take right away to heal your digestion and leave your uncomfortable symptoms behind.

My health coaching programs are designed to facilitate sustainable change by minimizing stress on your digestive system, encouraging positive nutrition and lifestyle changes, and helping you heal from a self-aware space. We’ll focus on getting to the root cause of your symptoms in order to access the answers and action steps that are individually right for you.

With the proper support, guidance, and resources you can be on a path to true healing and leaving your low energy, pain, and discomfort behind. I’m here to help you achieve your goals for a lifetime of self-care and holistic health.

What to expect

Reflection on what’s working well for you

Identifying barriers and imbalances to your digestive health

Discovery of what will be the most helpful for your individual healing

Exploration of information, tools, and resources to support you on your journey

Gentle encouragement and accountability so that you’re sure to make amazing progress towards your healing goals

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Can You Imagine…

April S

“Working with Leah the past four months has been a gift. I am so grateful for her natural intuition and extensive knowledge of the mind, body and gut connection. With thoughtful questioning and a compassionate ear, Leah has guided me through so many positive changes. She has helped me prioritize my physical, emotional and spiritual well being through food, self awarenesscompassion and mindfulness. I can’t recommend her enough!”

Amy V

“Leah has made such a difference in my life! I came to her looking for help with my gut health in order to get some hormone issues figured out, and I got that and so much more. She is so knowledgable, such a great listener, and really great at seeing where I was at and what the next step was to get me where I wanted to be. I appreciated how she addressed all areas of my life in order to heal my gut. I’m feeling so much better after our work together–I would recommend her to anyone!”


“Leah’s knowledge, encouragement and compassion create a healthy place for personal growth. I now have a baseline where I feel my best physically and mentally. I love this kind of woman to woman support.’’


Why Working With A Health Coach Is Invaluable

Although there are some basic pillars of what makes up a healthy lifestyle; the food, physical activity, self-care, and relationships that work for one person may not be the ideal combination for someone else.
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I’m here to guide you

Together, we’ll discover what steps are right for you in order to minimize stress and relieve your uncomfortable symptoms. The things that work well for one person, may not work for another. As we cultivate awareness, you’ll go through a detailed process of discovering what you specifically need as an individual.

The health world is confusing and there are unlimited opinions, ideas, and supplements making it difficult to piece together what you actually need to heal. It’s easy to get lost in the copious amounts of information. Although healing is often a winding path, my goal is to help make your journey as straightforward as possible.

I speak from experience as I tried for years to DIY my way to good digestive health, and although I researched and knew a lot, I didn’t find relief until I turned to someone for guidance and support. I’ve been in your shoes and now I’m available to support you.

Having someone who will deeply listen to your unique challenges, lovingly walk this journey with you; and provide resources, tips, and information for your individual process is invaluable. This loving support will make your journey to health much more efficient, enjoyable, and affordable.

You’ll gain way more than you can imagine.

Healing is connected to much more than just what you eat. If you want to optimize your experience as you heal, you’ll gain more than you ever anticipated on this journey.

Your health is your most valuable asset and you are worth it! Making small sustainable shifts will elevate your life in ways you can only dream of and will have an incredible impact on your digestive and overall health.

Go for it! Follow your instincts and find someone you trust who can support you on this path. Please don’t waste any more precious time feeling less than your best. You won’t regret this amazing investment in yourself and your future.

If you’re interested in working with me, there’s nothing you need to do to get started. I’ll meet you where you are on your journey. Contact me for your complimentary coaching session where you can share your story, get your questions answered, and we can ensure that this program is the right fit for you.

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Health Coaching

What We Include

  • Inspiration to take amazing care of your mind and body

  • Guidance on how to identify and minimize mental and physical stressors that are holding you back and affecting your digestive and women’s health

  • Getting to the root cause of your symptoms

  • Enjoyment in self care and healthy choices

  • Guidance in adopting healthy food and lifestyle practices that will help you achieve amazing gut and overall health

  • Simple explanations of the digestive system and all that gut health affects, mentally and physically

  • Support in figuring out the best solutions for your unique needs, both nutritionally and with lifestyle

  • Support in nourishing your gut and therefore your mind, body, and soul

  • Positive mindset shifts to help you heal and maintain vibrant health

  • Delicious and nutritious recipes

  • Tools, resources, and information to maintain your new gut-friendly lifestyle

What We Leave Behind

  • Judgments and shame about what you “should” be doing or eating

  • The band-aide approach: we aren’t looking for quick fixes that will allow the problem to resurface

  • Diet and lifestyle prescriptions ~ only you know what works best for your body. You always get to choose what changes suit your life.

  • Pressure of any kind: This program is available for you when you’re ready to take action towards healing your gut and sustainable transformation. If you’re ready to make positive nutrition and lifestyle shifts, then I can’t wait to start this journey with you! If you’re not ready yet, that’s alright too. I’ll be here for you when you are.

Areas We May Focus on That Affect Your Gut Health

Many of these areas affect both your mental and physical health since the two can’t be separated. For example, there are incredible direct benefits of managing stress to both your mind and body. And, the health of your mind will further impact the physical body and vice versa.


Nutrient dense foods

Food sensitivities, modifications, & substitutions

Cleansing and rebooting the body

Ingredients and food labels

Meal planning

Sleep hygiene

Circadian rhythms (sleep/wake rhythms)

Creating sustainable habits and routines

Movement/ exercise

Environmental toxins and ways to lessen your toxic load


Stress management/ coping strategies

Movement/ exercise

Self care

Mindfulness, meditation, and reflective practices

Self love and self acceptance

Self trust/ listening to your body

Honoring your biological rhythms

Balance between work, family, and personal time

Other areas of stress in your life

Health Coaching Programs


This program is the best value, and 6 months is an ideal amount of time for creating transformation. These 12 sessions allow you to dive deep into healing and nourishing your life in a variety ways. If you’re ready to commit to reclaiming your health, then this program is for you!

This 6 month program includes:
  • Meeting for one on one coaching sessions to look at the different areas affecting your gut health and discover what’s working well and what’s out of balance

  • Meeting online or in person twice a month for one hour

  • Guidance and support to help you achieve your goals

  • Handouts, recipes, book suggestions, and/or resources that are custom selected for you to support your personal health goals and individualized plan

  • Support between sessions as needed, so you’ll know you’re never alone on this journey

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This 3 month program is for those of you who are ready to create incredible, sustainable changes towards healing and finding vibrant health. You can create amazing positive nutrition and lifestyle changes in a short time!

This 3 month program includes:
  • Meeting for one on one coaching sessions to look at the different areas affecting your health and discover what’s working well and what’s out of balance

  • Meeting online or in-person twice a month for one hour

  • Guidance and support to help you achieve your goals toward healing your gut and achieving vibrant health

  • Handouts, recipes, book suggestions, and/or resources that are custom selected for you to support your personal health goals and individualized plan

  • Support between sessions as needed, so you’ll know you’re never alone on this journey

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Actions That Can Help You Along Your Journey

Lowtoxify Your Life

Lowtoxify Your Life

Includes custom recommendations, suggestions, and resources for minimizing the bad stuff in your food, water, air, and home environment in order to protect yourself and your family against the endless amount of chemicals and toxins in our modern lives. Minimize these physical stressors in your environment and make your home a sanctuary!

Reboot your body

Reboot your body

Guidance on planning and preparing whole, delicious foods that support vitality and wellbeing. Suggestions on how to adopt a lifestyle that will not only help you deal with inflammatory substances in your body but also lessen the number of toxins that come in to begin with.

Makeover Your Pantry

Makeover your Pantry

Includes a one on one consultation regarding the foods in your pantry and refrigerator, techniques on how to read labels, and ideas to transform your favorite comfort meals into healthy meals.


You’ll also receive biweekly emails including valuable and practical tips, & recipes to help you improve your gut health.