How to live in Sync With Your Menstrual Cycle

In this episode, I talk about the incredible benefits that come from learning to live in sync with your menstrual cycle. When you learn to live in sync with your cycle, you can access gifts and strengths that most of us modern women don’t even know we have!

When you live this way, you can decrease stress in your life, while increasing your productivity and efficiency and healing your mind and body. You will learn to better manage your energy, so you don’t always feel behind and exhausted. In addition, Your time management will improve. Sounds pretty good, right?

I can tell you that it’s as good as it sounds!

The process of learning to live in sync with your monthly rhythm is all about honoring yourself throughout the month, no matter what phase you’re in. It’s not about being restricted, but being free to listen and do what your body needs in any given moment. It’s about cultivating awareness and taking time for self care no matter how brief it is.

There’s an initial effort to create the habits and routines so that you can remember to check in with yourself, plan ahead when your planning skills are at their peak, and take a break and allow yourself to rest and renew when your body needs it most. After that, this rhythm will mostly take care of itself and you get to reap the benefits. Give yourself some time to integrate this new way of living, and it will become second nature.

I’m a realist and a busy Mom, wife, friend, sister, and business owner. So, I get that things don’t always line up where we can take several days around our period  off. But…. even during busy times, we can take a few extra minutes to care for our- selves, put off that social thing that we weren’t sure we wanted to go to, and allow ourselves 10 more minutes of sleep by going to bed a little earlier or ignoring social media for the evening.

These small changes, make a big impact in our energy, self confidence, and efficiency in life.

And at the very least, understanding that we are dynamic beings and that we change throughout the month allows us to give ourselves a little grace. As women, we don’t always function the same. We aren’t the same during menstruation as we are during ovulation. Our energy, mental clarity, and productivity change drastically.

It’s helpful to honor where we are and recognize that this doesn’t mean we are any less during the more restful times of the month. Quite the contrary! If we give ourselves the time to rest and renew during menstruation, this phase propels us into our new energy cycle and the whole month goes smoother. Without this time of reflection and stillness, we can’t do what we need to the rest of the month.

Honoring each phase for what it is can be an accessible way to cultivate awareness of what you need to heal, increase peace, and find more contentment in our lives.

The Four Phases of your Menstrual Cycle

Each phase offers unique, optimal times to complete certain tasks and activities, as well as a different focus emotionally and mentally. Each of the four phases also corresponds with a season and a different stage in a woman’s life.

The follicular phase corresponds with the Spring season and the young maiden. It’s the optimal time to explore, be curious, organize, plan, and set intentions.

The ovulatory phase corresponds with the Summer season and the nurturing mother. This is an optimal time to connect, network, be social, and allow yourself to enjoy and build relationships in your life.

The luteal phase corresponds with the fall season and the enchantress stage of womanhood. offers a time for deep work (physically, emotionally, and mentally), observing what comes up so you can shed whatever isn’t serving you later. It also offers an ideal time to be creative at work, with your family, or in your personal life.

The menstrual phase corresponds with the winter and the sage or crone stage and is a more passive phase of stillness and rest. It’s a time to reflect, renew, and decide what seeds (intentions) you’d like to plant in the coming months.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why it’s so beneficial to live in sync with your menstrual cycle

  • The optimum times for each of the four phases of the menstrual cycle

  • Various supportive activities for each phase of your cycle

  • Why establishing routines and rhythms to honor your monthly rhythm is so important

  • What you can expect from learning to live in this way

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