This is A Great Time to Define Your Intentions

Spring is here! This is one of my favorite seasons with all the excitement and natural, magical changes happening around us. Although this spring is far from usual with the current pandemic and related challenges, the natural world around us continues to go through its usual transformation out of winter and into warmer days, new growth, and new beginnings.

Knowing that these rhythmical, natural processes continue to occur in the midst of these uncertain times, offers a sense of normalcy and hope. Taking this time of isolation, to look inside and define intentions for yourself for the coming year can be a wonderful and inspiring way to use this time.

The world has slowed in many ways (although for some of us working with kids home, has made things much busier!). We’re not as distracted as we were just a month ago, running from here to there. One silver lining in this uncertain time is that we can choose to use this time to decide what’s important.

What do we really want to take forward with us into the year and as the world returns back to some semblance of “normal”? 

Within the last couple of years, I have become intrigued by the seasons. The significance that they have in our lives and how we can leverage them in order to work towards fulfilling our goals is fascinating.

Spring is an ideal time of year for planting our seeds of intention. The days are becoming longer. We are at a time of equal hours of day time and night time, encouraging increased balance.

What do you want to nurture and see flourish in the high energy and long days of summer? What is it that you want to grow this year?

I invite you to think outside of the box and check-in with yourself. You might be surprised by what you actually want to cultivate in your life right now. And this might be the perfect time to do it!

Where do you want more balance in your life?

What is one small action you can take to move in that direction?

The more connected you are to what you need and desire, the healthier and happier you can be. A sense of clarity helps to build our confidence and sense of self-worth. The more we can listen and trust ourselves, the more we can reduce stress in our lives. When there is less stress on our bodies physically and mentally, our digestive and overall health will improve.

Trusting your gut and improving your health, will allow you to thrive on so many levels. Everything is connected and any positive change will benefit your overall well-being.

Think progress over perfection. True “Balance” is only an illusion and life is dynamic and forever changing. The goal is to achieve a system that works in harmony for you and your life. Perfection is impossible… it really DOES NOT EXIST in anybody’s reality. I invite you to begin to let go of that idea and start with just one small step towards your goal.

Start Defining Intentions Today

Grab your journal or a piece of paper and take some time to reflect. It may not be all cozy and warm… and that’s OK. Use this time to look inside and choose what you want to let go of and what you want to carry forward. Then take action and mindfully plant those seeds by clearly and specifically writing them down.

Here we are in the transition from one season to the other and for the planet as a whole. Using this time of transition to focus and grow individually is a wonderful opportunity!

Have compassion for yourself and know that if shoots start to come up that you don’t want, you can always do a little weeding. Its never too late to shift. Even the weeds can serve a purpose at the right time. So, staying in touch with your desires, goals, and dreams and following your gut instincts is essential when you define intentions for yourself!

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With Love and Wishes for Happy Planting!