Hormone Imbalance and Your Digestive Health

Who would have guessed that your hormonal system is radically tied in with your digestive system? If your gut is in poor health, your hormones are more likely to become imbalanced and vice versa.

Because some of our hormones are produced in the gut or rely on the gut to clear away excess, our digestive system has a massive impact on our hormone function. And our digestion, along with so many other things in the body, relies on our hormones to function properly.

In this episode, Amy Van Zanten, a holistic women’s health coach, dives into the intimate connections between digestion and hormones. We discuss the impact that your gut health has on your hormones. We also cover the hormones related to blood sugar, the thyroid, stress, and reproduction and how each of these impacts the health of your gut.

Hormone Imbalance & Helpful Actions

Amy explains specific things you can do to naturally help with hormone imbalance, starting with food, stress management, and lifestyle. Taking steps to help heal your gut is one of the most important things you can do to balance your hormones.

1) Eating foods that serve you well and removing foods that are triggers for you as an individual is a great place to start if you have period problems or hormone imbalance.

2) Managing your stress and eliminating unnecessary stress is also super important. Cortisol (the stress hormone) is one of the “top tier” hormones and when it’s out of balance, it can impact your whole hormonal system.

3) Creating time at the beginning and end of the day for self-care can be really helpful in managing stress, taking care of yourself, and “coming back to you,” as Amy says.

4) Tracking and utilizing the gifts of your menstrual cycle is a tool that cycling women can use to help balance hormones and decrease stress. Each phase has optimal activities and strengths. When we complete certain activities during it’s optimal time, life tends to flow more effortlessly.

What You’ll Learn:

  • About the close connection between your gut and hormones

  • How healing your hormones will help to heal the gut and vice versa

  • The role of food in balancing your hormones

  • How self care and managing stress can impact your hormones

  • How honoring your monthly rhythm and menstrual cycle promotes gut and hormone health

  • Actionable steps to balance your hormones naturally

For More Information

Amy has a great freebie on her website called “Your Guide to Unlock the Power of Your Cycle.” You can also find her on Facebook @amyvanzantenwellness
and on Instagram @amyvwellness.

To find out more about how to use your menstrual cycle to optimize your life and boost your healing, check out this blog post on The Phases of the Menstrual Cycle.

You can claim your Free Menstrual Cycle Tracking Worksheets here to get started tracking and optimizing your cycle right away.

If you have questions or want to dive deeper into honoring your menstrual cycle, healing your digestion, and regaining your energy contact me here.

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